June 20, 2018

Youth Recruitment Program at Tolko Meadow Lake gives students financial and educational support


Tolko’s Meadow Lake OSB Division hosted a fun day of activities for local grade four students and a tour and luncheon for Carpenter High School students. All are efforts by the division’s Youth Recruitment (YR) program which allows students to explore career options in forestry.

“Being a part of the Youth Recruitment Program is a great opportunity to learn and gain experience within my field of study,” says student Taiya Paylor. “I look forward to future opportunities this program may present.”

As the grade four students learned about the different kinds of work that takes place in the mill and made their own oriented strand board, the high school students took an in-depth tour that showcased various job opportunities.

Tolko hires Meadow Lake students heading to university and commits to re-hiring them each year while they complete their post-secondary education. Through the YR program, students gain comprehensive training and advanced skills in a field of their choice.

These efforts allow Tolko to teach, develop, and bring new talent into its workforce.

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