July 06, 2018

Tolko’s reforestation practices committed to preserving Canada’s forests for future generations


Reforestation is a big part of Tolko’s sustainability practices. Aside from producing bioenergy from residual wood, reforestation is another part of Tolko’s mission to serve both customers and the environment responsibly.

“We do this for the sustainability of our industry,” says Grant Glessing, Tolko’s Woodlands Manager of Forestry. “Wood is a renewable resource and through regeneration of the forest we can continually meet the future needs of our society.”

Last year, 32.4 million seedlings were planted by Tolko, and this year, an estimated 29 million young trees are on their way.

Through these efforts, Tolko can help ensure that future generations will benefit from a “working forest” – a land that can produce clean water, oxygen, wood products, and wildlife, says Grant.