Creating a culture of respect and trust.

This land. Her first people. With a deep respect for both, we work with aboriginal communities and individuals with mutual understanding, respect, trust and sensitivity to cultural values and traditions.

Our Aboriginal Policy

Guiding Principle:
Tolko is committed to work with aboriginal communities and individuals on the basis of mutual understanding, respect, trust, as well as recognition of and sensitivity to the different cultural values and traditions of each community in which Tolko operates.

Business Principles:
  • Ensure effective communication on forest management activities that involve aboriginal areas of interest
  • Provide employment and contract opportunities to aboriginal people consistent with Tolko's "Equal Employment Opportunity" policy
  • Conduct our business in a manner that will be supportive of ventures that make sound business sense and are operated for the mutual benefit of all parties
  • Establish and maintain a participative process to identify opportunities and address or resolve conflicts that may arise

Issue date: January 1998
Amendment date: May 2000