Furthering our goals by supporting our communities.

At Tolko, our community relations policy is simple. We support our communities by being part of them. Whether we’re providing jobs, volunteering at organizations or giving through donations, we work to make our communities stronger and more vibrant through active participation. This kind of commitment to our neighbours just comes with the Tolko territory.

Tolko gives back.

We support our communities with donations that are consistent with our values and contribute to the achievement of our strategic plan; create positive visibility; demonstrate social responsibility; increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, and maintain or improve our reputation in the community.

Sponsorship request guidelines 

We support the following key areas: 

  • Educating people about the forestry industry
  • Promoting access to sports programs and recreational activities for youth (sponsorships of recreational sports teams are restricted to minor sports)
  • Wellness
  • Youth leadership development
  • Aboriginal community development

Other areas we support: 

  • Local charitable and community organizations
  • Key community events
  • Industry-related events
  • Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Business unit-specific events focused on improving employee or other stakeholder engagement
  • Other areas as decided by Tolko’s shareholders

We do not donate to: 

  • Endowment funds
  • Organizations with programs that make distinctions with respect to race, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation
  • Political or religious organizations
  • Third-party fundraisers
  • Professional conventions, conferences or seminars, unless industry-related
  • Lobbyists or special interest groups
  • Organizations that might already receive funding through a “strategic partnership” (i.e.,  organizations that would receive funding through an umbrella organization such as United Way)

To be considered, requests must come from organizations and groups that meet the criteria outlined. We respond to all requests within six weeks of receipt. No donation will be made to any organization which cannot issue an official tax receipt.

Tolko Scholarship Program.

We support the development of a skilled and sustainable workforce through investments in educational programs at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. Our goals are to promote forestry as a growth industry with positive, long-term, well-paying careers; to facilitate the promotion and recruitment of youth into difficult-to-fill trades and technology roles; to support students pursuing post-secondary education in forestry or related studies, trades or technical training, sciences or business.

Our Education and Scholarship Program focuses on:

  1. Forestry education, sustainability, and research
  2. Industry and Trades training

Applying for Tolko Scholarships.

Applications for the Divisional Scholarship program are normally managed by local schools. Applicants are identified by school counselors, and Divisions are notified of successful candidates in May.