Contact our OSB Sales Team.

General Contact Details
PO Box Box 39, Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 6M1
3000-28 Street, Vernon BC, Canada
Phone: 250-549-5311
Fax: 250-550-2558

For international customers, please contact our International Sales and Marketing Team.

For EWP sales including T-TEC and Tolko LSL, please contact our EWP Sales Team.

Rhys Thompson

OSB Marketing and Sales Manager

Phone: 250-550-1446 Fax: 250-550-2558

Chris Grotterod

Panel Sales Representative

Phone: 250-549-5314 Fax: 250-550-2558

Rick Gosselin

Panel Sales Representative

Phone: 250-549-5376 Fax: 250-550-2558

James Schaefer

Panel Sales Representative

Phone: 250-550-2515 Fax: 250-550-2558

Liam Revell

Panel Sales Representative

Phone: 250-541-7748 Fax: 250-550-2558

Ben Wacker

Industrial - EWP Sales Representative

Phone: (612) 940-2449

Bren Steele

EWP Sales Representative

Phone: 250-541-7716

Tanner Wilson

Panel Sales Representative Trainee

Phone: 250-541-7755

Dylan Fitzpatrick

Panel Sales Representative Trainee

Phone: 250-549-5303

Christina Campbell

Customer Service, Team Lead

Phone: 250-549-5377 Fax: 250-550-2558

Andrea Williams

OSB Customer Service Coordinator

Phone: 250-549-5358 Fax: 250-550-2503

Philip Penner

Customer Service Coordinator

Mitchell Pepper

OSB Sales Assistant

Phone: 250-541-7739

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